Our Story

What’s up you cool SOB’s? We are two backcountry sledders based out of Edmonton, AB, who live and breathe snow, cold and the next epic backcountry adventure. 

Over the last few seasons, we noticed that, apart from the big sledding gear companies, there weren’t any lifestyle clothing brands for sledders. This missing piece inspired us to create something we felt was missing in the industry.

Sometime around December 2022, we started designing and coming up with our signature logo that is used on all of our Hoodies/ Tee Shirts today and in the future, we plan to offer more variants and styles. 

Our #1 focus is quality and providing the best customer experience with clothing Made by Sledders, for Sledders. Stay awesome, pray for pow and keep shredding 🤙

Core Values

Passion for Lifestyle:

We are driven by our love for the backcountry, and we aim to share this passion through our premium apparel that allows you to embrace your love for the mountains in your daily life.

Quality and Style:

We are committed to crafting top-notch, fashion-forward apparel that not only represents your passion but also reflects your personal style.

Community and Connection:

We stand alongside our fellow sledders, creating a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the beauty of the mountains.

Canadian Heritage:

Rooted in the foothills of Alberta, Canada, our designs pay homage to our Canadian heritage and the landscapes that inspire us.

Humour Driven:

We believe in making the best of every moment and not taking everything seriously. Life is too short, have fun and grab it by the horns.